Jim & Sam (USA)

365 spelningar på ett år är målet för den annorlunda duon och äkta paret Jim & Sam från LA. Countrydoftande Americana av bästa märke.

Svinbillig entré så vad har du att förlora?! 60 spänn i dörren...

On November 3rd 2016, Los Angeles based Americana duo Jim and Sam embarked on The Anywhere Everyday Tour playing one show every day for a year. Yes, every day. Yes, for a year. This is not your average tour. Jim and Sam play everywhere from traditional music venues to comedy shows, nonprofits, private parties, schools, factories, under the stars, across the blue ocean and anywhere in between. This Spring the duo will be releasing new songs recorded in unique spaces all over the world. Throughout the year the duo will be collaborating with filmmakers from around the world to create a film or series.